Table Talk Series

Sharing stories, ideas and inspiration, exploring the wisdom of different cultures and religions, listening to each other. Is this what you are looking for? You are welcome to join our new international group starting in Juni 2024! Language: English.

Wed June 5th 19:30h
“Where, what, who is home for you?”
Let’s bring some food and stories about what makes you feel at home.

Sa June 29th 18:00h
“Random Powerpoint Evening”
Tell us about your hobby, work, study or what drives you! (5 minutes, with or without powerpoint slides)
Please let us know your topic until 26th June:
Of course you are also welcome to listen only.

Fr  July 12th 18:00h
“Our Daily Bread”
Bring some typical bread from your home and enjoy an evening sharing bread and stories.